Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme

In February 2011, the Scottish Government introduced a membership scheme to improve disclosure arrangements for people who work with vulnerable groups.

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme):

The PVG SchemeAny individual who is not barred may apply to become a member of the PVG Scheme. The PVG Scheme is administered by Disclosure Scotland and allows organisational employers and personal employers to satisfy themselves that an individual to whom they are offering regulated work is not barred from doing that type of regulated work. The PVG Scheme provides three different disclosure records for this purpose, which replaces the use of standard and enhanced disclosures for work with vulnerable groups. PVG Scheme members are continuously monitored for new vetting information and any information which comes to light which may indicate that they are unsuitable to do regulated work will lead to a consideration for listing. is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland which, as an executive agency of the Scottish Government, has taken on additional responsibilities. These include taking decisions, on behalf of Scottish Ministers, about who should be barred from working with vulnerable groups.

What do Protection Services do when I apply to be a PVG Scheme Member?

They will check:

A check is carried out to confirm that you are not barred from working with children and/or protected adults. If you are barred you will be refused PVG Scheme Membership. This means that you cannot work with the workforce you are barred with (subject to certain exceptions)

A search will be carried out to check for vetting information (e.g. convictions, cautions, children’s hearing findings, other relevant information from the police).

Your PVG Scheme Membership certificate will be issued

If the vetting information identifies conduct which has a bearing on your suitability to do regulated work your application for PVG Scheme Membership will be considered by Protection Services.

What do Protection Services do once I am a PVG Scheme Member?

All PVG Scheme Members are subject to ongoing monitoring (continuous updating). This means that when you are a PVG Scheme Member your vetting information is kept up-to-date and if there is new information about you this will be assessed to determine if you are unsuitable to do regulated work with children and/or protected adults.


Please Note: the contact number is now 03000 2000 50

Guidance - currently being updated

Chapter 2, Regulated Work, Updated September 2015


The modules of the new PVG Scheme eLearning package, to help stakeholders have a better understanding of the Scheme, are now available (link above). These eLearning materials are again structured under the same 9 chapter headings as the Guidance Document and Overview Presentation for consistency and ease of use. The eLearning package is designed to lead people through to the parts of the PVG Scheme that they feel are most relevant to them, enabling them to take as much, or as little, information as they need for their own situation. There will be relevant information within each chapter, followed by a set of questions to test the user’s understanding of the content of that section.

Training Modules

This self assessment tool to help employers and individuals to determine whether a post is within the scope of the PVG Scheme.

Regulated Work Self Assessment Tool

Applying through an umbrella body

An umbrella body is an organisation which has registered with Disclosure Scotland and is able to apply for Standard and Enhanced Disclosures and PVG Scheme membership for individuals, for positions which are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974.

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