Informing recruitment decisionsOur aim is to deliver an accurate and responsive disclosure service that enhances public safety by protecting the vulnerable in society through enabling safer recruitment

Important Customer Notices:

How long will it take to receive my certificate?

26 July 2015

Disclosure Scotland works within a Service Level Agreement to produce 90% of all types of Disclosure, for a correctly completed application with no further enquiries, within 14 calendar days. This is measured from the day we receive the application to the day of dispatch. Certificates are dispatched 1st class Royal Mail postage.

As of 26 July 2015 we are working inside our performance target of processing applications within 14 days. Our average turnaround time for applications processed last week was 99.9% within 14 days.

As some applications may require further enquiries, these applications may take longer than our quoted average turnaround time.

PVG Scheme – Voluntary Organisations providing early learning and childcare for pre-school children - click link for more info


Driving Licence, proof of address

8 June 2015

As of the 8 June 2015, the DVLA removed and made invalid ‘counterpart’ driving licences.  Disclosure Scotland will therefore no longer accept them as proof of ID, or address.


This ONLY applies to cases received in the office with the date stamp of 9 June 2015 or after (or 8 June cases with supporting documents); any cases started prior to this date and have already submitted a counterpart driving licence as proof of ID or address will be processed as normal.


Audits – assistance to Registered Persons (Registered Bodies)

8 June 2015

Since late 2014, our Compliance team have recommenced our regular visits to a range of organisations who make use of the PVG scheme or who use our Standard or Enhanced Police Act disclosure certificates to assist them to make safer recruitment decisions.  Although we refer to these visits as 'audits', some of these visits take the form of an ‘Audit’ against the Code of Practice for Registered Persons.  The general understanding of the word ‘Audit’ does not fully capture the purpose and benefit of these visits.  We use these opportunities to assist the Registered Persons of these organisations and countersignatories to understand their responsibilities, and to talk through whether specific posts are eligible for the PVG Scheme or which disclosure level is appropriate.   The ‘Audit’ meeting normally takes place at the offices of the Registered Person and typically lasts between two and two and a half hours


A few weeks after the ‘Audit’, we issue a report setting out where the Registered Person can improve policies and practice relevant to the disclosure process.  To date, all the organisations we have visited have welcomed the face-to-face contact and the opportunity to get a clearer understanding of eligibility and the responsibilities of being a registered person and receiving disclosure information.


The Code of Practice requires registered persons to take part in any Audit initiated by Disclosure Scotland - but it is also open to registered persons to request an audit.  If you think this is something your organisation would welcome, please contact us on and we’ll call you as soon as we can to discuss.


Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour


Reprint Requests - Update, 1 May 2015

In order that we can continue to protect the security of the original disclosure certificate, as well as enhancing our fraud prevention measures, from Monday the 1st of June 2015, Disclosure Scotland will not consider the request for a reprinted certificate until 17 calendar days have elapsed from the day following postage, bringing us in line with Royal Mail’s Lost Items Policy.


As an example – A certificate was posted on Monday 1st June 2015; Disclosure Scotland will not consider a reprint request until Friday the 19TH of June 2015. 


If a request is made earlier than the 17 calendar days, you will be asked to call back on the appropriate date


Royal Mail’s compensation policy for lost items can be found on their website


Disclosure Scotland reserves the right to reject a request for a reprint where we believe that the security of the original certificate may be compromised.


Customers should also be aware that due to system storage and data security constraints, if they wish to request a re-print of a Disclosure certificate, there is a time limit of 84 days.
After that date, certain details of applications are removed from our systems and a re-print is not possible





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