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Please read the following instructions carefully before starting your application.

You can only apply online if your current address is in the UK. If your current address is outside the UK then please apply using the paper application form, more details of which are on the main website.


The on-line application will require completion of personal information and payment details. Information that must be supplied is indicated with an asterisk (*). The following details and documents are required to hand, if available:


Date of Birth

Please ensure you enter your Date of Birth in the following format (DD/MM/YYYY) e.g. 22/01/1978.

Correspondence Addresses

If you would like your Certificate sent to your employer,  you should enter  ‘C/O’ the organisation or firm’s name in address line 1, e.g. C/O Smiths Ltd or C/O ABC Ltd and any floor or building details in address line 2 e.g. Floor 5, 235 Argyle Street.  You should then enter the current date in the ‘resident from’ field.  Following on from this you should then complete your full 5 years address history in chronological order.

You will need to provide 3 forms of identification to Disclosure Scotland; these must confirm your name, date of birth and current address. Images of these documents can be uploaded as part of this on-line application, however, this is an optional facility and documents can be sent by email or post to Disclosure Scotland at the contact details below, quoting the 18-digit reference provided at the end of the online application process. Disclosure Scotland is unable to process your application until these supporting documents are received. Please do not post the original documents



Once you have supplied all the information, please read the declaration statement that is located at the foot of the main data entry page and click the declaration check box to confirm that you have read and understood this statement.

N.B. The application session will time-out after twenty minutes of inactivity, please ensure you have all the required information to hand prior to starting your application.

Once the input information has been successfully submitted, a payment page is displayed on which credit/debit card payment details are entered. Payment can only be made on-line via a credit/debit card. The fee for a Basic Disclosure is £25.00 and this is shown on card statements as “Disclosure Scot Edinburgh GB”.

Once the application and payment are successfully completed, an acknowledgment page will be displayed confirming that the application has been accepted. This will provide an application reference number that should be provided on any subsequent communication with Disclosure Scotland regarding the application. This will also provide a receipt confirming payment details.


Disclosure Scotland Contact Details
Fax     03000 2000 50
Post:   Disclosure Scotland, PO Box 250, Glasgow, G51 1YU


Click here to print this page for your reference.



If you are applying for a Basic Disclosure on behalf of an employee or potential employee, you must have the written, and freely provided, consent of the applicant that the basic disclosure certificate may be returned to the applicant, care of the organisation’s address. This consent must cover whether or not the applicant agrees that the applying organisation can inspect the certificate prior to the applicant seeing that content.


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