Applying online for a Basic Disclosure

Our online application session will time-out after twenty minutes of inactivity.  Make sure you have to hand all the information you need before you apply.


You must supply three supporting documents one of which includes your date of birth


a utility bill (gas, electricity or telephone) showing your current address a driving licence a passport
a rental agreement/mortgage a current bank statement. a National Identity Card
a National Entitlement Card  

You can upload these supporting documents during your online application using the 'Browse' facility. Documents uploaded on-line must not exceed our maximum filesize of 1mb.


Alternatively you can send us your identification, please include your 18-digit case reference number:


by email Documents emailed must not exceed our maximum filesize of 1mb
by fax 03000 2000 50  
by post

Disclosure Scotland

Basic EHU

PO Box 250


G51 1YU

Copies are accepted.


Do not post original documents as they will not be returned.




We may not be able to progress your application until these supporting documents are received.


What you will need to know before you apply



Your address details covering at least the past five years your National Insurance Number

Your employer's address


If you would like your Certificate sent to your employer,  you should enter  ‘C/O’ the organisation or firm’s name in address line


You must include the Organisations’ name and their full postal address to ensure that certificates are correctly delivered on time and without delay.



What you will need to submit your application


You must click to check our declaration statement


By checking this box you are confirming that you have read and understood this statement.

pay the £25 application fee

All major credit and debit cards are accepted.


This will appear on your cardholder statement as:

Disclosure Scot Edinburgh GB


Start application


What happens next


We aim to issue disclosure certificates within 14 days for every correctly completed application we receive.  


To check status of your application, please provide your 18-digit case reference number:


By telephone:    03000 2000 40


By email: 



Obtaining a receipt


An acknowledgment will be displayed confirming your application has been accepted. This will provide an 18 digit application reference number and a receipt will automatically be generated.



Advice for Employers and Agencies

If you are applying for a Basic Disclosure on behalf of an employee or potential employee, you must have the written, and freely provided, consent of the applicant that the basic disclosure certificate may be returned to the applicant, care of the organisation’s address. This consent must cover whether or not the applicant agrees that the applying organisation can inspect the certificate prior to the applicant seeing that content.


Get help viewing PDFs


Disclosure Scotland produces many notices and publications in Portable Document Format (PDF). You must have a PDF viewer installed on your computer to read PDF forms.


We recommend you use the latest version of Adobe Reader software that's compatible with your computer.


You can use any PDF viewer to open a PDF form to print or read on screen. If you're using an interactive form (one that you complete onscreen), you must use Adobe Reader.


Free Download of the latest version of Adobe Reader (Opens in new window)



Are you using a PDF viewer other than Adobe Reader


Browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have their own internal PDF viewers. Windows 8 and Apple operating systems also have their own internal PDF viewers.


If you are using an Apple MAC its will use its own PDF viewer by default. To stop this, right click on your file and choose to open with Adobe Reader.


If you are using a tablet or smartphone


Our PDFs don't yet work on any smartphones or tablets. Please use your computer to complete the form instead.




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