The regulated work self assessment tool

This regulated work self assessment tool takes you through the five steps set out in the PVG Scheme Guidance to find out if what you are doing is regulated work. You will have a choice to make or a question to answer on each screen. At the end based on your responses, you will be advised whether or not you might be doing regulated work.

This self-assessment tool will assist you in reaching a decision about whether or not you are doing regulated work
(or someone working for you is doing regulated work).

It is not possible to provide a definitive list of roles, positions or types of employment that constitute regulated work, not least because the structure and descriptions of peoplesí work is constantly changing.

Instead, the PVG Act defines regulated work by reference to:

  • the activities that a person does;
  • the establishments in which a person works;
  • the position that they hold; or
  • the people for whom they have day to day supervision or management responsibility.

There are two types of regulated work:

  • regulated work with children; and
  • regulated work with adults.

An individual may be doing both types of regulated work as part of the same job (e.g. doctor) or in different contexts (e.g. a teacher - doing regulated work with children - who volunteers with WRVS - doing regulated work with adults).

Chapter 2 of the Guidance explains in more detail the concept of regulated work in order to help individuals and organisations to decide which positions fall within the definition.